The UK eCommerce market was worth £133bn in 2016. Around 52% of the market consisted of mobile commerce transactions and 54% of those transactions occurred on native apps - approximately £37.3bn.

Mobile commerce native apps are complicated to develop and can cost thousands. Due to the high costs associated to native app development an eCommerce app for most SMEs is unrealistic and unattainable. It can also be argued that some large enterprises lack the agility and the foresight to produce their own apps of the required quality that consumers have to come expect from apps.

Secondly most smartphone users will only have a maximum of 20 apps installed on their device at any point in time. With over 192,000 retailers in the UK alone this makes it difficult for consumers to decide which of their favourite brands native apps to download. It also makes it harder for any brand of any size to entice a customer to download their app.

From this it is clear to see that there is a market that many firms struggle to access due to the lack of knowledge, financial capability or customer enticement.

We have created Mula to solve each of these problems within the mobile commerce market. We have positioned Mula to be the go to native app for mobile commerce.

When a seller joins Mula they can create a profile in seconds and have products selling in minutes. It is free to register and to list items on the platform. Essentially this creates a native app experience for your customers to purchase your products all for zero cost. Effectively, thus removes all barriers to entry to native app mobile commerce. When a product is sold we will charge a commission based on the final sale price.

What separates Mula from pother platforms is that Mula is also a social network. Users can follow, like, comment, hashtag, mention and share on our platform. This allows us to cohabit thousands of brands simultaneously. The best way to think of this is how thousands of brands coexist on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook within their own individual profiles.

Multiple brands can coexist together on Mula which solves the issue of buyers having to download multiple apps with often confusing and conflicting UX. It also means that brands do not have to worry about making their app one of the twenty apps most people have on their device.

Finally it is important to note that once a user knows how to purchase an item on Mula they will be able to purchase across many different brands at the touch of a button. Our UX has been designed to make it as easy as possible to purchase an on Mula. Our UX design knowledge therefore benefits every seller that uses Mula.

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